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For more than forty years, Ross J. Kelbaugh, founder and CEO of, has been an educator, collector, researcher, and author with a particular focus on 19th and 20th century American photographic history. Over four decades he had written numerous photography related articles and his work has often been covered in the print media. Below is a selection of articles by and about Ross J. Kelbaugh that chronicle his journey in the pursuit of history that are now available through PDF download. We hope you find some of these informative and useful.

Articles by Ross J. Kelbaugh

"Capturing Reality," Maryland Historical Society News, Spring 2011.

"The Civil War in Maryland," The Paper and Advertising Collector, August 2006.**

"Rare Antietam Battlefield Photo Find," Antietam Commemorative Issue Magazine, September 2002.

"Shoot If You Must, This Old Gray Head," The Daguerreian Annual (Boston, MA.: The Daguerreian Society, 2001).

"Daguerreian Reflections from the Ross J. Kelbaugh Collection," The Daguerreian Society Newsletter, September/October 1999.**

"Dawn of the Daguerrean Era in Baltimore," The Daguerreian Annual (Boston, MA: The Daguerreian Society, 1998). First published in the Maryland Historical Magazine, Summer 1989.**

"The Collection of Ross J. Kelbaugh,"The Daguerreian Society Newsletter, September/October 1995.

"Monumental Daguerreotypes of Baltimore," The Daguerreian Annual (Boston, MA: The Daguerreian Society, 1994).

"Search and Research: Solving a Daguerreian Mystery," The Daguerreian Annual (Boston, MA.: The Daguerreian Society, l994).

"The Swedish Nightingale and the Baltimore Daguerreians," The Daguerreian Annual (Boston, MA: The Daguerreian Society, 1991).

"Zouaves in the Streets of Baltimore: A Photographic Mystery Unraveled," Military Images, January/ February 1990.

"Daguerre's Medium Holds the Message," Op-Ed Section, The Baltimore Sun, July 30, 1988.

"More Discoveries- The Stereo Negatives of William M. Chase," Stereo World, May/June 1983.**

"Recent Discoveries- The Stereoviews of William H. Weaver," Stereo World, November/December 1981.

"New Views for Collecting", Paper and Advertising Collector, February 1979.

"Catographics- Collecting 19th Century Cat Photographs," Cats Magazine, April 1979; reprinted in the Paper and Advertising Collector, December 1979.

Articles About Ross J. Kelbaugh

"Photo Exhibit Draws on Remarkable Private Collections", The Washington Post, August 2006.

"Caught in Time," Baltimore Examiner, May 2006.

"Historical exhibit provides window into the Civil War," by Jacques Kelly, The Sun, May 27, 2006.

"History in a Flash: Every Picture tells a Story Especially When It's One of Ross Kelbaugh's Photos," by David Sattler, The View, May 2004.

"Mr. Kelbaugh, Catonsville High School's Own Shooting Star," by Tracy Gavin, The Catonsville Comet, September 1993.

"Ross Kelbaugh's Research Leads to Book Series on Photography," by Kathryn Jorgensen, The Civil War News, September 1991.

"Civil War Images," by Henry Deeks,The Civil War News, September 1991

"Back Tracks: A Faded Photographic Past," by Carleton Jones, Sun Magazine, April 2, 1989.

"Focusing on 19th century Maryland Photographers," by James H. Bready, The Sun, February 26, 1989.

"Dates Mark the Future But Pictures Mark Past on Baltimore Calendar," by James Bready, The Sun, August 28, 1983.

"An Inexpensive Trip to 'Vintage Baltimore," by Jacques Kelly, The News American, August 5, 1983.

"Portraits of 19th Century Baltimore," by Jacques Kelly, The News American, April 10, 1983.

"Second Ambrotype of Baltimore Monument Found," by William Welling, Photographica, April 1983.

"A Rediscovery in Stereo," by Carleton Jones, Sun Magazine, March 6, 1983.

"Kelbaugh's Collections Enhance History," Staff Exchange of Baltimore County Public Schools, October 1981.

"Last of the Last of Roberty E. Lee?" by Carleton Jones, Sun Magazine, September 1981.

"Black and White Bits of History," by Carleton Jones, Sun Magazine, July 5, 1981.

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