Directory of Baltimore Daguerreans, A-J

compiled by Ross J. Kelbaugh

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ADDIS, __________, daguerreotypist.

Light & Baltimore (November 1853-1854). TS.

ADDIS, ROBERT W., daguerreotypist.

Died in Washington, D.C. in November 1873; 187 Baltimore (1855-1856); moved to Washington, D.C. by 1862 where he operated a photographic gallery. CD, NAI.

ALLER, DAVID, daguerreotypist.

221 N. Gay (1856-1857). CD.

AULD, H., daguerreotypist.

233 Baltimore (1849-1850). CD.

BACON, JAMES F., daguerreotypist, ambrotypist.

472 W. Baltimore (1858-1860). CD.

BAKER, FREDERICK S., daguerreotypist.

Born in New York, 1820; W. corner Baltimore & Centre Market/ 23 Baltimore (August 1846-1856). USC 1850, TS, BA, CD.

No. 85. A frame containing nine daguerreotype views, taken by F.S. Baker, daguerreotypist, at the corner of Baltimore street and Centre Market Space.---These are bird's eye and other views of different sections of the city, giving representation of the Basin, with the wharves and shipping; Fell's Point; Federal Hill; Washington Monument, and other prominent objects. The skill with which these views have been taken, and the beauty and fidelity with which many of the most attractive points about Baltimore are given, will make them generally examined and gain for Mr. Baker much deserved praise. Entry In the Second Annual Exhibition of the Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts, BA, October 2, 1849.

BAKER, WILLIAM, daguerreotypist.

$2000 capital Invested, 500 plates used, 2 male employees, $100 ave. monthly cost of labor, 5000 likenesses produced annually. USMC 1850.

BARCLAY, JOSEPH H., daguerreotypist.

158 N. High (1856-1857). CD.

BARNES, CHAUNCEY, daguerreotypist.

163 Baltimore (1844); 217 W. Baltimore (1845). TS, CD.

BASSFORD, ____________, daguerreotypist.

Advertisement for gallery opening at III N. Howard in The Sun, June 27, 1854.

BASSFORD (BASFORD), JOHN T., daguerreotypist.

56 Pearl St. (1858-1859), 413 Lexington (1860). CD.

BELL,__________, daguerreotypist, 117 Baltimore (1851). TS.

$1 DAGUERREOTYPES, on pure Silver and Gold at 117 BALTIMORE and SOUTH STS. (old stand of Shew & Marks). Satisfaction given, or no charge. Deceased persons taken on reasonable terms. Don't mistake the place. TS, May 29, 1851.

BENDANN, DANIEL, daguerreotypist, photographer.

Born in Richmond, Virginia, died in Baltimore, 1915; employed in the Whitehurst Gallery, Richmond (1851); moved to Baltimore to work in Whitehurst Gallery (1854); returned to Richmond to open his own studio (1856); removed to Baltimore with younger brother, David, and opened studio at 205 Baltimore (1859-1862); 207 Baltimore (1863-1872); brothers dissolved their partnership with Daniel continuing in photography, 26 N. Charles (1874-1879); 24 N. Charles (1881-1885); 181 W. Baltimore (1886); 28 E. Baltimore (1887-1889); 5 N. Charles (1897-1898). JB, IRA, CD.

BOGGS, S., daguerreotypist.

255 Baltimore (1842). TS.

BOKEE (W.H.) & JUDLIN (A.F.), daguerreotypists.

217 Baltimore ("Late King"s Daguerrian Gallery"). TS, August 24, 1850.

BRADY, JAMES, daguerreotypist, ambrotypist, photographer.

472 Baltimore (1854-1859); 412 W. Baltimore (1859-1860?); 159 W. Baltimore (1863-1864). TS, March 9, 1854, BD, CD.

BRIGGS, ISAAC, daguerreotypist.

Mentioned in his journal that chronicled his daguerrean activities in Central Maryland that he began the daguerrean art on April 15, 1848 under the instruction of Mr. Pollock of Baltimore. MHS. (see Henry Pollock).

BROADBENT & CARY (CAREY), daguerreotypists.

211 and 128 Baltimore (May 1849-1850). CD, BA.

BROOKE & JUDLIN, daguerreotypists.

Over 214 Baltimore (1851); $300 invested, 200 plates used, 2 male employees, $80 ave. monthly cost of labor, 2500 likenesses produced annually. CD, USMC 1850.

BROWN, JOHN, daguerreotypist.

127 Baltimore (1858). CD.

BUTLER & McPHERSON, daguerreotypists.

Advertisement for move from 117 Baltimore to 20 North St. TS, February 3, 1848.

BUTLER, W.C., daguerreotypist.

Butler's Daguerrian Rooms, Baltimore St. between Gay & Tripolett's alley. TS, October 1, 1846.

CAMPBELL, JOHN F., daguerreotypist, ambrotypist.

Born In Ireland, 1827; $1000 value of personal property; 234

Lexington (1859-1860); 234 Lexington, dw 51 Lee (1864). USC 1850, CD.

CARVALHO, DAVID NUNES, daguerreotypist.

Born in England, 1786, died in Baltimore, 1860; father of Solomon Nunes; over 127 Baltimore (1851); over 63 Baltimore, dw 129 Hanover (1853-1854); 27 N. Gay, dw 26 Holliday (1855-1856). USC 1850, CD.

CARVALHO, SOLOMON NUNES, artist, daguerreotypist.

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, 1815, died May 21, 1897; 205 Baltimore (June 1, 1849-1850); 35 S. High (1856-1857); 81 N. Liberty (1858-1859); Carvalho returned to the city after participating in the 1853 expedition of John C. Fremont to the West to write his account of the adventure and resume portrait painting until 1860 when he moved to New York. USC 1860, TS, BD, ITA.

S.N. CARVALHO, artist, respectfully informs the inhabitants of Baltimore and its vicinity, that he has become the proprietor of the establishment formerly known as the Plumbe National Gallery, over the Jewelry Store of Messrs. R. & A. Campbell. He has procured the services of Mr. T. 0. Smith, the principal operator of Root's Gallery of Philadelphia, who will attend to the production of an entirely new style Daguerreotype, patented under the name of the Crayon Daguerreotype, never before introduced in this city. The great advantage which this style of picture possesses over any other, is that the picture can be seen equally well in any light, and as distinctly when hung against a wall as the finest miniature. The whole strength of the instrument is thrown on the head, and the artistic distribution of light and shadow give it the appearance of one of the celebrated Italian Crayon Drawings. S.N. CARVALHO will attend to the Painting department. Portraits and Miniatures, either from life or Daguerreotype, executed in a manner which he is certain will give satisfaction. In connection with the above, the Gallery will be adorned with choice works of art, both ancient and modern, affording to the citizens and ladies of Baltimore a fashionable and pleasing resort, without any pecuniary outlay. The establishment is now being newly fitted up, and will be open on the first of June. The charges of the Crayon Daguerreotype will be less than those charged for ordinary Pictures, by the old process. The subscriber depends solely on the merit of the Pictures produced at this establishment for the success he anticipates. TS, May 28, 1849.

CASKEY, DAVID W., daguerreotypist.

72 Jefferson (1856-1857). CD.

CAWALKS, N., daguerreotypist.

Born in England, 1786; living in the 9th Ward. USC 1850.


CLARK, HENRY H., daguerreotypist, ambrotypist, photographer.

Born in Connecticut, 1815; 60 E. Lombard (1851); 64 E. Lombard (1853-1854); Baltimore St., dw 66 E. Lombard (1855-1856); 23 W. Baltimore (1859-1860?); 147 E. Baltimore where he resided with photographer William H. Weaver (1880-1885). USC 1880, CD.

COLEMAN, JOSEPH, daguerreotypist.

107 Little Green (1860). CD.

COOKE, BEECKMAN, daguerreotypist.

Estabished a studio at 63 Baltimore by January 1854; formed a partnership with John H. Walz during that year under the name of "Cooke & Walzl;" Walzl bought out the partnership after six months. TS, January 3, 1854, BC. (see John H. Walzl)

COWARD, WILLIAM, daguerreotypist.

Secured as an assistant at J. Wistar Davis' Gallery (1847); 127 Baltimore, dw 165 Pennsylvania Ave. (1853-1854); 19 E. Baltimore (1855-1856). TS, February 14, 1847, CD.

COWELL, DANIEL T., daguerreotypist, photographer.

Former head operator at Whitehurst's Daguerrean Gallery employed by Palmer L. Perkins, 99 Baltimore (1856-?); Richmond, Va. (1860); New Haven, Conn. (1875). TS, PV, PP.

DAVIS, J. WISTAR, daguerreotypist.

14 & 15 Franklin Buildings, corner North & Baltimore (1847-1849). CD.

Labels: Blue paper label printed In gilt "DAVIS' Daguerrlan Rooms, Franklin Buildings, BALTIMORE"

THE BEST LIGHT IN BALTIMORE-- Having constructed a new operating room, with a strong, clear, unobstructed sky light, so arranged as to combine all of the advantages of both top and side lights, the proprietor presents to the public greater facilities for taking splendid DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS than any other establishment in Baltimore. He has also secured the valuable assistance of Mr. WM. COWARD, whose skill as an artist Is well known, and their unified efforts will constantly be used to merit a continuance of the patronage so liberally bestowed upon DAVIS' . . . . TS, February 14, 1847.

DAVIS, WILLIAM, daguerreotypist, ambrotypist, photographer.

117 Baltimore (September 1853-1854); 207 1/2 Baltimore (1855); over 93 W. Baltimore (1856-1857); over 121 W. Baltimore (December 1857-1860); 63 E. Baltimore (1863-1868). TS, CD, IRA.

DICKINSON, GEORGE W., daguerreotypist, photographer. 244 W. Baltimore (1856-1858). CD, TS.

*DUNN, JAMES, daguerreotypist.

Dw 59 High (1864). CD.

ENSEY, MARCELLUS P., daguerreotypist.

127 Broadway (November 1855-1859). TS, CD.

FAITHFUL, JOSEPH, daguerreotypist, ambrotypist.

NE. corner Eutaw & Lexington (1851-1860). CD.

FITZ, HENRY, JR., daguerreotypist, telescope maker.

112 Baltimore (July 1840-November 1840); corner Baltimore & Harrison (November 1840-July 1841); 112 Baltimore (July 1841-fall 1842). TS, CD.

Labels: Blind-stamped on mat 'H.FITZ JR. FECIT BALTH

Miniatures taken by the sun's rays.-- The process of taking miniature likenesses with the Daguerreotype is already brought to a high degree of perfection. The apparatus which Mr. Henry Fitz, Jr. has in operation every clear day, at his room on the third floor of No. 112 Baltimore street enables him to take a perfect likeness In less than two minutes, without the least inconvenience whatever to the sitter. The process is as simple as it is rapid, and affords the opportunity of witnessing a practical illustration of the wonderful discovery of M. Daguerre. BA, September 4, 1840.

FLINT, DR., daguerreotypist.

PHOTOGRAPHIC MINIATURES BY DOCTOR FLINT-- Dr. Flint, by solicitations of a number of his friends and acquaintances previous to his departure for home, (Missouri,) has consented to stop for a short time at the Hall over Watchman engine House, Light street. Those persons having subscribed for their types, will please call as early as practicable, as his stay will be very short. TS, September 14, 1841.

FONTAYNE (CHARLES H.) & PORTER (WILLIAM S.), daguerreotypists.

268 Baltimore (1844-1845); Fontayne moved to Cincinnati, Ohio (1846); joined there by Porter (1848). TS, AD. (see William S. Porter)

GANTT, MARTIN VAN BUREN, daguerreotypist.

Born in Maryland, 1838; 60 N. Poppleton (1860); Richmond, Virginia (1869-1891). USC 1860, CD, PV.

GARTHWAIT, ISAAC, daguerreotypist.

Over 97 1/2 Baltimore (1842). CD.

GEBREGE, ANTON, daguerreotypist.

Born in Prussia, 1842; living in the lst Ward. USC 1860.

GLEDHILL, GEORGE, daguerreotypist.

217 Baltimore (February 1854-1857). TS, CD.

GLEDHILL, FROM PHILADELPHIA, has opened a well-furnished daguerrean gallery, for the reception of visitors, at 217 BALTIMORE ST., near Charles, with large Sky and Side lights, where he is prepared to take Likenesses for the following unprecedented low rates: Philadelphia size, in case complete, 37 1/2 cents; New York size, without case, 25 cents, or 50 cents with case; other sizes $1 and upwards. TS, February 3, 1854.

GORHAM & TUCKER, daguerreotypists.

Joined seven other daguerreotypists in petitioning the Baltimore City Council for permission to erect sidewalk displays of "Daguerreotype Specimens" (March 7, 1850). RG 16, H.R.S. 1850, Document 318, Baltimore City Archives.

GREEN, JAMES, Philosophical Instrument Maker and Daguerreotype Experimenter.

Made the first daguerreotypes in Baltimore with the assistance of Thomas Phillips. BA, October 31, 1839.

GREEN, JOHN, daguerreotypist.

Corner Baltimore & Charles (1849-1851); 148 E. Madison (1858-1859); 685 W. Baltimore (1860). CD.

GREEN, JOHN, JR., daguerreotypist.

Living at 216 S. Charles (1853-1854). CD.

HAPE, SAMUEL, daguerreotyplst, photographer.

and (Frank) Kuhn, 207 1/2 W. Baltimore (1856-1857); Hape only (1858); with Perkins & Co., 196 N. Eutaw (1858-1859). CD.

HAWKES, BENJAMIN F., daguerreotypists, photographer.

Former operator at Whitehurst's Daguerrean Gallery, Richmond (1856?); 205 Baltimore (Oct. 1857-1859); took over the old Whitehurst Gallery after being employed there as an operator. PV, CD, BD.

HESSE, WILLIAM, daguerreotypist.

104 N. Eutaw (1855-1856); 72 Raborg (1856-1857). CD.

HINKLE, ADAM, daguerreotypist, photographer.

531 W. Baltimore (1856-lB60); over 357 W. Baltimore (1864-1866). CD, BD.

HOHLWEG (HOLWIG), VALENTINE, daguerreotypist, photographer.

Born Coa Hassan, 1840; 427 Baltimore (1870). USC 1860, CD.

HOHLWEG (HOLWIG), VINCENT, daguerreotypist, photographer.

Born Coa Hassan, 1803; $1000 value of personal property; 531 W. Baltimore between Pine & Fremont (1863-1880). USC 1860, CD.

HOHLWEG (HOLWIG), WILLIAM, daguerreotypist.

Born Coa Hassan, 1836; living in 20th Ward. USC 1860.

HOOD & CO., daguerreotypists.

123 Baltimore (1850). TS.

*HORWELL, ______________, daguerreotypist.

Mentioned as operator for Whitehurst's Gallery, 207 Baltimore (1850). BA, September 21, 1850.

HORWELL, EDWARD C., daguerreotypist.

SE. corner Gay & Front (1847-1850); Baltimore, dw 128 N. Exeter (1851); 207 1/2 Baltimore, dw 127 N. Exeter (1855-1856). TS, CD.

OLD TOWN DAGUERREOTYPE ROOMS, E.C. HORWELL begs leave respectfully to inform the citizens of Old Town, and public generally, that he has fitted up Rooms for the above business at the S.E. CORNER OF GAY AND FRONT STREETS, over the Dry Goods Store of Mr. James Getty-- ENTRANCE ON FRONT STREET-- and has constructed, at heavy expense, an immense light, expressly for the purpose; which, together with all other facilities, added to his long experience as a practical operator, he thinks will warrant him in promising as faithful likenesses to those who may be pleased to patronize him as can anywhere be obtained.

In addition, Mr. H. would offer a few remarks upon the subject of Daguerreotypes: 1st. Since death, "the common lot of all," is daily doing his work around us, and every day witnesses the "place made vacant" in some family circle by his visitation, and although nothing human can restore a beloved wife, child, parent, or friend, stricken by his shaft, yet we may supply ourselves some little consolation, by gazing upon a faithful likeness of the "loved and lost"-- and ever faithful memory will supply the rest.

2d. Were death unknown to the world, the lowness of the present prices of pictures places it within the reach of all who may wish to preserve a faithful representation of the changes which take through life, in their own personal appearance or in the freaks of Fashion; and many persons make it now a rule to have two a year taken for the mere purpose of hereafter being able to gratify an innocent, perhaps laudable curiosity .... TS, November 7, 1847.

HORWELL, ELLSWORTH M., daguerreotypist.

In partnership with Edward A. Pindell, 103 W. Baltimore (1856-1857). CD.

HUGHES, ANDREW W., agent for Plumbels National Daguerrian Gallery.

265 Baltimore (1849-1850); dw 112 Alsquith (1855-1857). CD.

JARDEN, S., photographist.

Advertised as taking "Plumb's Patent Colored Photographs" at the Baltimore Museum. TS, May 29, 1843.

JARDEN, SAMUEL, daguerreotypist.

SE. corner of Gough and Broadway (1853-1854). CD.

*JOHNSON, __________, daguerreotypist.

Corner of Baltimore and South (1847). BA.

A Daguerreotype of Baltimore.-- We saw yesterday, at the rooms of Mr. JOHNSON, at the corner of Baltimore and South streets, a remarkable specimen of photography. It was a view of Baltimore, North, South and West of the Phoenix shot-tower, from which eminence it was taken. The various public buildings, churches, bridges and some of the principal thorough-fares in the centre of the city are presented with great fidelity and distinctness, as are also the objects In the streets, and many of the business-signs on the South side of Baltimore street, the names on which can be read with ease. The day on which this view was taken was market-is among the most interesting features in it. The length of the plate is twenty-eight inches; the view covers twenty-two inches, and is, perhaps, the largest ever executed in this or any other country. Mr. JOHNSON has also at his rooms quite a number of handsome views of public edifices in this city, which fully attest his skill as an artist. Mr. J. is about to leave our city for Mexico, where he will remain for a short time for the purpose of securing daguerreotype likenesses of Gen. TAYLOR and other distinguished officers of the U.S. Army, and also photographic views of celebrated structures in Mexico. BA, June 10, 1847.

JONES, JOHN, daguerreotypist.

Jones' Daguerrian Gallery, 159 Baltimore (1848-1851). TS, CD.

Labels: Embossed miniature case pad "JONES/ COMBINED SKY & SIDE LIGHT/ 159 BALTO. ST."

Improvement in Daguerreotyping.-- We were shown, a few days since, a daguerreotype likeness, taken by Mr. Jones. . . which had been subjected to an improved process, of which Mr. J. claims to be the inventor. The effect of the process discovered by Mr. Jones is such that an ordinary daguerreotype subjected to it becomes ineffaceably fixed to the plate on which it is taken, and no rubbing with the hand, or with a wet or dry cloth will remove it. The invention cannot but be of great advantage in the using of daguerreotype plates by engravers, the chief obstacle to which has heretofore been the liability of defacing the impression even by the slightest touch. Now, however, the daguerreotype can be taken on a copper-plate, silvered over, and the engraver can use the same plate, following the lines of the impression, and thereby make the likeness as unerring as that of the daguerreotype. Mr. Jones has been very successful in the pursuit of his art, as the many beautiful specimens with which his rooms are abundantly adorned. BA, May, 6, 1848.

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