Directory of Baltimore Daguerreans, K-R

compiled by Ross J. Kelbaugh

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KAMPMANN, ARTHUR, daguerreotypist.

Cor. Light and Baltimore (1856-1857). CD.

KAYLOR, THOMAS, daguerreotypist, photographist.

150 S. Paca (1856-1857); 149 Conway (1864). CD.

KING, B.F., daguerreotypist.

217 Baltimore (1846-August 1850). TS, CD.

Labels: Printed paper fragment "KING, AT HIS GALLERY No. 217 BALTIMORE..."

Mr. B. F. King, No. 217 Baltimore street, has just returned from Washington, whither he had gone for the purpose of taking a likeness of the great statesman, HENRY CLAY, which, for correctness of representation and elegance of execution, is an admirable specimen of this beautiful art. Those who desire to see a perfect delineation of Mr. Clay's countenance can do so by calling at Mr. K.'s rooms. This likeness is highly valuable, as the repeated demands on Mr. Clay's time by artists have induced him to decline future applications. It may be proper to mention that Mr. King is one of the oldest practitioners of the art in this city. BA, February 14, 1848.

KING, MRS. B.F., daguerreotypist.

217 Baltimore (1849-1850). CD, TS.

KUHN, FRANK, daguerreotypist.

Hape & Kuhn, over 207 1/2 W. Baltimore (1856-1857). CD. (see Samuel Hape)

LAMB, F.F., daguerreotypist.

Mentioned as proprietor of "J.D. Marsters' well known rooms at 147 Lexington Street" TS, November 22, 1859. (see J.D. Marsters)

LANSDALE, ROBERT VINTON, daguerreotypist, ambrotypist, photographer.

Over 293 W. Baltimore (1858-1860); 121 Baltimore (1862); Varden and Lansdale, 220 Baltimore (1863); Varden only (1864); supposedly took the first daguerreotype of Madame Jerome Bonaparte, wife of Napoleon's brother Jerome, who was the former Betsy Paterson of Baltimore; took David Bachrach, Jr., who later established his own successful gallery, as his apprentice in 1860; Bachrach described Lansdale in his memoirs as "different from most of the leading artists, more intelligent and full of the experimental spirit" and "a man of high moral character and free from the scandals connected with some of the leading photographers." CD, IRA, PA.

LOGAN, J.L. & CO., daguerreotypists.

SW. corner of Baltimore & South, dw J.L. 117 Baltimore (1853-1854). CD.

McPHERSON, ROBERT A., daguerreotypist, ambrotypist.

234 Lexington (1851, 1858-1859). CD.

*MAHAN, THOMAS T., daguerreotypist.

15 Holliday (1860). CD.

MARKS, H.J., daguerreotypist.

500 plates on hand, 2 male employees, $80 average monthly labor cost, 2500 likenesses produced yearly. USMC 1850.

MARKS, HARVEY R., daguerreotypist.

117 Baltimore (1848-November 1850); partner with Jacob Shew (April 1849-March 1850); 159 Baltimore (December 1850-1853); removed to 57 Dauphin Street, Mobile Alabama (1855-1858); Austin, Texas (1875); $1500 capital invested, 500 plates on hand, 3 male employees, $140 average monthly labor cost, 5000 likenesses produced yearly. CD, TS, AD, PP, USMC 1850. (see Jacob Shew)

Labels: Blind-stamped on mat "MARKS"

MARSTERS, JOSEPH D., daguerreotypist.

147 Lexington (1850-?); 127 Broadway (?- October 1855); returned to 147 Lexington (December 1855-1860). TS, CD.

Labels: Blind-stamped on mat "MARSTERS. BALTO."

A NEW DISCOVERY.-- Mr. Marsters, Daguerreotypist has the satisfaction of announcing a discovery in the art which he esteems of great importance. This he calls the Chrystaloscope. It combines the perfection of the Stereoscope with infinitely greater durability, (being entirely impervious to moisture,) convenience and utility, as it can be applied to copy when there is no possibility of making available the Stereoscope.-Chrystaloscopes are also afforded with little or no additional cost-- an immense advantage at present at least. So far as they have been exhibited, we believe they have been received with greater favor than any improvement yet made on Mons. Daguerre's original discovery. Mr. M. herein gives notice of his intention to apply for a patent. Call and see. TS, December 19, 1854.

MILDE, JOHN W.F., daguerreotypist.

45 Hampstead (1855-1856). CD.

MORRIS, JOHN H., daguerreotypist.

33 S. Gay (1856-1857); 105 W. Baltimore (1859). CD, BD.

MOULTON, _______________, daguerreotypist.

81 Baltimore (1848); 'Mr. Moulton has taken rooms on the first floor . . . where he is prepared to take likenesses In the most perfect style, by the use of the Galvanic Battery, which Insures a perfect eye and natural color, used altogether by the celebrated operators of Philadelphia to great success." TS, April 16, 1848,

MULLAN (MULLEN), JOHN P., daguerreotypist.

SE. corner Baltimore & South (December 1849-1850). TS, CD.

NAIRN, J.C., daguerreotypist.

1 N. Calvert (1849); "Possessing a practical as well as scientific knowledge of the art acquired in part under Daguerre, and improved by experimental practice, good instruments and one of the best lights in Baltimore." TS, January 6, 1849.


Former operator for James Brady; 126 Baltimore (1855). TS.

NIMMO, THOMAS J. & CO., daguerreotypists.

159 Baltimore (1854-1856); Frostburg, Md. (1875); former operator for J.H. Whitehurst, TS, CD, PP.

Labels- Embossed miniature case pad "T.J. NIMMO & CO / 159 BALTIMORE ST./ DAGUERREOTYPES IN OIL/ CHRYSTALOTYPES/ CHRYSTALOTYPES IN OIL"; blind-stamped on mat "NIMMO & Co."

PARKER & YOUNG, daguerreotypists.

97 Baltimore (November 27, 1841). TS.

PERKINS, JOHN WESTON,daguerreotypist, photographer.

212 W. Baltimore (1856-1857); 211 W. Baltimore (1859-1868); 256 Pennsylvania (1883-1886); 1316 Pennsylvania (1887-1889, 1895-1901); 1218 Pennsylvania (1894); 680 W. Baltimore (1902). BD, CD.

Labels: Blind-stamped on mat "PERKINS"

J.W. Perkins, Photograph Gallery, No. 256 Pennsylvania Avenue.- A prominent establishment In this city is that of Mr. J. W. Perkins, which was originally founded as a Daguerrean gallery thirty-eight years ago, at No. 211 Baltimore street, and from the date of Its commencement has always maintained its supremacy in the profession. The premises occupied are spacious and commodious, comprising a very nicely furnished reception-room, while the operating and other departments are thoroughly equipped, and supplied with all the latest Improved appliances known to the profession, including the dry-plate and the instantaneous processes. Mr. Perkins is prepared to execute all kinds of pictures, from the smallest locket to the life-size portrait, also to enlarge from small pictures to any size. Portraits are also executed in oil, water colors, pastel, crayon, and India ink in the highest style of art, at very low prices, and satisfaction guaranteed in all cases. His work cannot be excelled for truthful delineation, brilliancy of expression, and harmony of effect. Mr. Perkins is one of the oldest photographers in the State. He was born in Burlington county, N.J., and came to Baltimore in 1848. It can also be truthfully stated that he was one of the first individuals to take a photograph in the State. He Is a member of the Masonic fraternity, I.O. of O.F., Knights of Pythias, Order of Chosen Friends, and Iron Hall. HCP.

PERKINS, PALMER LENFIELD, daguerreotypist, photographer. Tradecard example

Born in New Jersey, 1824; "Successor to Davis," Franklin Building, NE. corner North & Baltimore (1850-1857); and 211 Baltimore (1852-1856); 99 W. Baltimore (March 1856-1857); 91 and 101 Baltimore (1858-1859); 99 and 207 W. Baltimore (1859-1864); and 101 W. Baltimore (1864); 205 and 207 W. Baltimore (1865-1870); 205 W. Baltimore (1870-1877); 207 W. Baltimore (1877-1879); 103 W. Baltimore (1880-1881); and Son (1881). USC 1860, BD, CD.

Labels: Embossed miniature case pad "PERKINS ARTIST/ GALLERIES


QUESTIONS FOR THE PEOPLE-- Why does PERKINS' DAGUERREOTYPES possess that brillancy and beauty of tone that you do not see in other Pictures? Why Is it that among his vast collections you do not find the eye in a single subject blurred or imperfect? Why is it that at the last Fair of the Maryland Institute his Pictures received the highest award that was ever given Daguerreotypists in this city? And why is it that a certain distinguished competitor (Jesse H. Whitehurst] in said Fair has since gilded his Medals to make the people think they are Gold? These are questions the need be solved, and can be answered satisfactorily by calling. TS, May 17, 1854.

*PERKINS, WESLEY, daguerreotypist & artist.

Born in Maryland, 1828; living in the 10th Ward. USC 1850.

PHILLIPS, THOMAS, daguerreotype experimenter.

Noted as assisting James Green with the first experiments with the daguerreotype in Baltimore. BA, October 31, 1839.

PINDELL, EDWARD A., daguerreotypist.

and Howell, 105 W. Baltimore (1856-1857). CD.

PLUMBE, JOHN, JR., daguerreotypist, publisher, entrepreneur.

Plumbe's National Gallery advertised at the corner North & Baltimore but may have never opened (November 1843); 205 Baltimore (October 1845-1847). TS, BA, CD.

Labels- Blind-stamped on mat "PLUMBE"

Exquisite Work of Art.-- The finest specimen of photography we have ever seen was left with us yesterday for examination. It is an elegant and faithful representation of the Naval Monument at Washington, with the surrounding scenery, stretching far away in the perspective. This beautiful specimen was taken by Mr. PLUMBE, who designs making copies soon for all who may desire them. Mr. SHEW, the Superintendent of Plumbels Daguerrean Gallery in this city, informs us that a skillful person will be employed constantly, in a short time, in taking views in the neighborhood of Baltimore, pictures of its principal public buildings, churches, &c., copies of which will be furnished to such of our citizens as may wish them. We have no doubt that many persons would be pleased to adorn their houses with such pictures, which are now executed so as to look like fine engraving. BA, January 23, 1846.

POLLOCK, HENRY, daguerreotypist, ambrotypist, photographer.

Born In Washington D.C., 1810; 147 Lexington (1849); 155 Baltimore (1850-1867); 44 Lexington (1868-1886); 9 E. Lexington 1887-1889); $2000 capital invested, 250 plates on hand, 1 male employee, $50 ave. monthly labor cost, 5500 likenesses produced annually. USC 1860, TS, CD, USMC 1850.

Labels: Embossed case pad "POLLOCK/ 147 Lexington ST./ BALTIMORE" for earliest Images; mats blind-stamped "POLLOCK BALTo." after move to Baltimore Street location.

DAGUERREOTYPES--BALTIMORE ST., next door to Calvert-- The most central location, and largest light in Baltimore-- one of the best, full sized Cameras in the world-- the most conveniently arranged and elegantly furnished rooms, with a private dressing apartment for ladies, in charge of one of their own sex-- to say nothing of the superiority of the PICTURES produced-- must soon place this establishment far ahead of all others in public favor and patronage. TS, January 11, 1850.

None of the Daguerreotypists of Balto. except Pollock, are considered worthy of confidence or credit. They are generally an unreliable and irresponsible set of men who spend faster than they make, would not credit any of them (except the one named) ... DC (Maryland, Vol. 8, p. 519).


Gallery in the Franklin Buildings, NE. corner North & Baltimore (May 20, 1846-1848); to Cincinnati, Ohio (1848). TS, CD, AD.

PRATT, A.W., daguerreotypist.

Mentioned in advertisement for Cooke/s 25 cents Gallery that he was employed as an operator after previously working in French's Gallery, Boston. TS, January 26, 1854.

PRICE,________, daguerreotypist.

211 Baltimore (ca. 1850). Imprint on pad of miniature daguerreotype case, PC.

PURCELL, C.W., daguerreotypist.

128 Baltimore (August 1849-April 1850). BA.

Daguerreotypes-- We have recently taken occasion to notice several of the most prominent establishments in this city which have introduced into their practice the late improvements in this beautiful art. Among them we would direct attention to the rooms of Mr. C.W. Purcell, No. 128 Baltimore street. This gentleman was formerly an operator for Mr. Plumbe, but most recently for Messrs. Broadbent & Cary, the beautiful style of whose pictures attracted general commendation. The process of coloring adopted by Mr. Purcell gives to his pictures a very natural appearance, while their execution in every other respect is most finished. Mr. P. evinces a great degree of taste in the arrangement of the sitter, so that his portraits are free from that stiffness which is frequently noticed in works of this kind. Those who may be disposed to have their own likenesses taken, or may wish to secure those of their friends, can feel assured that they will be done in the most approved style at Mr. Purcell's establishment. BA, August 9, 1849.

RABENAU, DANIEL, daguerreotypist.

Over 127 W. Baltimore (1858-1859). CD.

RIDDLE, A.J., daguerreotypist.

163 N. Gay (1851). TS.

ROBINSON, ___________, daguerreotypist.

112 Baltimore (1844-18@5). BA.

ROBINSON, HENRY B., daguerreotypist.

Dallas, south of Madison which was probably his residence (1853-54). CD.

ROBINSON, J.C., daguerreotypist.

City Daguerrian Gallery, 211 Baltimore (1846-September 1847); 207 1/2 Baltimore (October 1847- ?). BA.

The Proprietor of the City Daguerrian Gallery would wish to call the attention of his friends to the very great improvements which he has lately effected in that old and famed establishment. (The oldest now existing in the United States, and probably in the world, having been in constant operation since July, 1840.) The new and splendid Operating Room in now completed, with the largest and best light in the city, being 12 by 15 feet, opening clear of obstruction to the broad sky. The instruments are also new, and of the largest and best of German manufacture; and besides these, various other important improvements have been introduced, calculated to render the LIKENESSES made at this Gallery, superior to any thing ever before offered to the public of Baltimore.

Pictures taken in any weather--cloudy as well as clear; indeed, it might not be amiss to remark, that cloudy weather merely lenghthens the time of sitting a few seconds only, and is very much easier upon the eyes of the sitter; therefore, the chance of getting a good expression to a picture is better in cloudy than in clear.

The quickest time for young children is best, consequently, near the middle of a clear day for them is preferred. . . . BA, January 18, 1847.

ROOT, C.S., daguerreotypist.

SE. corner Baltimore & South (1849-1850). CD.

RUCKLE, MRS. THOMAS C., daguerreotypist. 207 1/2 Baltimore (1848).

THS. C. RUCKLE has established the Lawrence Daguerrean Gallery . . . in a room adjoining his Painting Room, which will be conducted by Mrs. Ruckle, under his immediate supervision. Those wishing to secure beautiful, graceful, and harmonious pictures, are requested to call. TS, October 27, 1848.

RUFF, RICHARD H., daguerreotypist, ambrotypist, stereographer.

147 E. Baltimore (1856-1857); 19 W. Baltimore (1858); 52 E. Baltimore (1860). CD, BD.

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