The following is a revised and expanded listing of Baltimore daguerreotypists first published in the author's Directory of Maryland Photographers, 1839-1900 (Baltimore: Historic Graphics, 1988).

1. Entries are for those people known to have worked as daguerreotypists in Baltimore and include studio locations, dates of occupancy, and other supplemental biographical and business information. Any variations in form and spelling of names are noted in adjacent parentheses. Occupational listings are included following names. Residences are designed as "dw" when found to be different from studio locations. Source citations (listed in the "Directory Key") parallel the order of entries.

2. Any listing preceded by an asterisk (*) denotes a name that was not listed in the Directory of Maryland Photographers, 1839-1900.

3. "Labels" denotes documented methods employed by daguerreotypists known to have signed their work. Unfortunately, few in Baltimore chose to carry out this practice.

4. In some cases, daguerreotypists may have worked at a location before or after the cited dates of occupancy. Listings in city directories were often compiled during the year preceding publication. More specific occupancy dates have been found through intensive newspaper searches or in other records.

5. Where possible, movements of daguerreotypists from or to other locations outside of Baltimore City have been noted.

6. Newspaper accounts that offer insight into the business operations of particular daguerreotypists have also been included with some entries. These, however, represent just a sampling of material that exists.

For more information on the daguerreotype in Baltimore, see the author's "Dawn of the Daguerrean Era in Baltimore, 1839-1849," Maryland Historical Magazine, Summer 1989.


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