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AF02. 1816 Slave Indenture
10-year-old slave girl freed by becoming an indentured servant for 18 years.

AF03. 1828 Slave Receipt
A slave boy inherited like a horse

AF04. 1827 Maryland Manumission Copy

A freed slave's children destroyed original "being unacquainted with its importance."

AF05. 1831 Maryland Freedom Paper
Freed slaves carried to prove manumission.

AF06. The Middle Passage

AF07. South Carolina Slave Auction, 1856

AF07A. Slave Pen, Alexandria, Va.

AF08. Anti-slavery Token

AF09. The Anti-Slavery Almanac, 1838

AF11. Runaway Slave PosterSt. Louis, Missouri, 1856

AF124. Maryland Colonization Society Currency, 1837

Used in government store in Harper, Liberia

AF07B. Slave Life Insurance Premiums Handbill
Baltimore Life Insurance Co., ca. 1850

AF12. House Boy & his Charge
Half-plate daguerreotype, ca. 1850

AF13. Nurse and her Charge
Half-plate ambrotype, ca. 1860

AF14A. Girl in Pink Dress Sixth-plate daguerreotype by Tyler & Co. Boston, MA

AF14E. Girl with Hair Bracelets
Ninth-plate daguerreotype, Walsh Gallery, New York, ca. 1850.

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