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AF14C. The Hercules Family by Black Daguerrean James P. Ball
Half-plate daguerreotype, ca. 1850

AF14H. Ball's Great Daguerrian of the West, 1854
Cincinnati waiting room for James P. Ball's daguerrean gallery.

AF14D. Two Friends
Quarter-plate tintype by James P. Ball & Alexander Thomas

AF14J. "Peculiar Institution"
Sixth-plate ambrotype of two slave girls with period label

AF14. The Pottery Worker, Ninth-plate ambrotype, ca. 1860
We will never know if he was a slave or free.

AF14A. Cat by black photographer Glenalvin Goodridge, Sixth-plate ambrotype, ca. 1860

AF14B. Advertising Banknote for the Goodridge Gallery, York, PA, ca. 1858.

AF20. Mother and Son, Quarter-plate ambrotype, ca. 1860
Uncommon to find cased images of black women posed with their own children

AF34B. Uncle Tom's Cabin, 1852.

AF34C. Harriet Beecher Stowe and her brother Henry Ward Beechercarte de visite, ca. 1860

AF34A. The Original "Uncle Tom." Rev. Josiah Henson

carte de visite, ca. 1876

AF34D. "Uncle Tom Whipped to Death."
Transferware plate, ca. 1852.

AF19. The Little Schoolboy
Quarter-plate Melainotype, ca. 1860

AF21. The Doll Collection including a black doll.
Quarter-plate Ambrotype, ca. 1860

AF17. An unidentified BaltimoreanBy 1860, Baltimore had the largest free black population in the United States. Sixth-plate ambrotype, ca. 1860

AF18. An unidentified Baltimorean
Ninth-plate ambrotype, ca. 1860

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