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AF33L. Pickets at Dutch Gap, U.S. Colored Troops
Anthony stereoview, ca. 1864

AF32A. U.S. Colored Troops at Dutch Gap on the James River, Virginia
Anthony stereoview, ca. 1864

AF32B. U.S. Colored Troops

AF121. Freedman's Village established in 1863 on the grounds of what is today Arlington National Cemetery.

AF32C. Lt. Charles Teeple, Co. I, 7th U.S. Colored Troops

AF32D. Pvt. Charles Douglass, Co. F, 54th Massachusetts Vounteer Infantry, son of Frederick Douglass
Carte de vsite, ca. 1863

AF122. Manumission of Maryland slave in 1864 for enlisting in the Union Army.

AF39. Elizabeth Fairfax wearing Grand Army of the Republic Badge

AF39A. Jeff Shields wearing the uniform of the United Confederate Veterans. Shields had been a cook for Stonewall Jackson.

AF37. "Digging Sweet Potataoes in South Carolina"G.N. Barnard stereoview

AF37A. Nooning on the Plantation

AF37C. "Freedmen's School" identified on sign over entrance
Carte de visite, ca. 1865

AF37D. The Contraband School
Woodcut print, ca. 1870

AF127. Chimney Sweeps, Savannah, Georgia
Stereoview by Wilson & Havens

AF128. The Jubilee Singers, Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee

AF31D. Maryland Soldier and Family
Quarter-plate ambrotype

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