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Little Zouave Soldier Holding American Flag
FG01. The Little Zouave ca. 1861

Civil War era man wrapped in American flag
FG02. Brothers in Arms, ca. 1861

Little boy standing on chair and holding American flag
FG03. Boy with American flag

Little Miss Liberty
FG04. Little Miss Liberty

Man dressed up in American flags
FG05. The Flag Man

Young woman dressed as Liberty holding an American flag
FG06. Miss Liberty

Black girl wrapped in an American flag
FG07. Wrapped in the Flag

Child in carriage waving an American flag on July 4th
FG08. A Young Flag Waver

Children in wagon decoratd with American flags
FG09. The Flag Float

Human flag display
FG10. The Human Flag

Children dressed as George and Martha Washington with American flag
FG11. George & Martha Washington

Girl dressed as Miss Stars and Stripes
FG12. Miss Stars & Stripes

Children dressed in American flags
FG13. Little Patriots

Girl wearing American flag dress
FG14. The Flag Dress

Two Children dressed as Miss Liberty and Uncle Sam
FG15. Miss Liberty & Uncle Sam

House decorated with American flags
FG16. House decorated for July 4, 1917

Human American Flag in Providence, Rhode Island
FG17. Living Flag, Providence, Rhode Island, 1916

Black Red Cross nurses holding American flags
FG18. Red Cross Nurses, ca. 1917

FG19. Patriotic Goat Cart

Black girl posed with American flag
FG20. Black Girl with Flag

Black man posed with American flag
FG21. Black Man with Flag

Spanish American War soldier posed with American flag
FG22. Spanish American War Soldier

Spanish American War soldier posed holding American flag
FG23. "Dick Wentworth, Spanish War"

Young boy dressed as Uncle Sam
FG24. The Young Uncle Sam

1907 Howard University Graduation decorated with American flags
FG25. Howard University Graduation, 1907

FG26. Homestead St., Baltimore, July 4th, 1921

Homestead St., Baltimore decorated with American flags, 1921
FG27. Homestead St., Baltimore, July 4th, 1921

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