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 Civil War Exhibit Catalogue Cover


This catalogue accompanied the landmark Maryland Historical Society exhibit The Civil War in Maryland: Rare Photographs from the Collections of the MdHS and its Members. Included are fifty rare Maryland photographs from this exhibit of which most are previously unpublished. Many are also reproduced in actual size! A comprehensive list of the almost 300 exhibit images is also included.
ISBN-1-929806-06-X, 8 1/2 x 11 in., saddle stitched paperback, 56 pages coated stock, 50 illustrations, full color cover.
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IntroBlackPhoto Cover

One of the most popular areas today for genealogical research and photography collecting focuses on the African American experience, and now a new publication helps to make this easier and more rewarding. Introduction to African American Photographs, 1840-1950 is the first book ever published to focus exclusively on the identification, research, care and collecting of vintage African American photographs. Spanning from photography's beginnings with the daguerreotype of the early 1840s through the gelatin silver prints of the1950s, each major photographic format that has recorded African Americans, both free and slave, is presented to provide readers with the tools needed to accurately interpret black images. Useful resources for investigating the people in photographs are also discussed and numerous "In Focus" case studies are included which use actual photographs as models for conducting photography research. Helpful advice is also included concerning the proper care needed for each type of photograph as well. For those interested in collecting African American photographs, valuable tips are given that will help them evaluate the collectibility and value of images. Written by Ross J. Kelbaugh, noted photography historian and collector, many of these historic photographs are from the author's personal collection and are published here for the first time. An extensive annotated bibliography of reference books and other helpful resources for conservation materials, internet research databases, photography auctions, and public collections is also included. Detailed instructions are also provided for conducting research into the lives of African American soldiers and civilians using the resources of the National Archives. ISBN-1-57747-115-6

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8 1/2 x 11 in. perfect bound paperback, 120 pages, 142 illustrations. $14.95 (Orders are shipped Priority the next business day after it is received! Shipping charge is added at checkout.)

IntroCWPhoto Cover

With the increased interest in the collecting of Civil War photography, many are looking for a resource that provides information about recognizing the types of photographs made during the Civil War and how to evaluate the collectibility of a Civil War photograph. Our Introduction to Civil War Photography fills this need for information. Written by Ross J. Kelbaugh, noted photographic historian and collector specializing in 19th century photography, our publication is now in its fourth printing. Chapters cover the profession and the major photography processes and formats including:
    • The Photographers
    • The Photographer's Studio
    • The Ambrotype
    • The Carte de Visite
    • The Tintype
    • Outdoor Photography

    Also included are stories about several of the photographers of the period including the Bendann Brothers of Baltimore. For the collector, an invaluable Collector's Guide is included with important hints for successful evaluation of images as well as a glossary of collector terminology. Over 50 photographs, many previously unpublished, and 48 pages packed with useful information for anyone with an interest in this dynamic period in American history. Quantity discounts available for dealers.
    Softcover. ISBN-0-939631-36-9 $6.95

    Directory of Civil War Photographers, Volume One: Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and West Virginia by Ross J. Kelbaugh (Baltimore, MD: Historic Graphics, 1990). Soft cover, spiral bound. ISBN-0-914931-02-4. Currently Out of Print

    Beginning in September 1862, the federal government required that professional photographers obtain an annual license as part of the Internal Revenue Assessment Act. This is the first volume of this pioneer series that uses these lists combined with city directories to document locations, business information and, most importantly, dates of operation for over 650 photographers. These publications are the first of their kind for dating Civil War photographs signed by their makers.

    Directory of Civil War Photographers, Volume Two: Pennsylvania, New Jersey by Ross J. Kelbaugh (Baltimore, MD: Historic Graphics, 1991). Soft cover, spiral bound. ISBN 0-914931-03-02. Currently Out of Print

    Volume Two includes information for over 1,100 photographers from Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

    Directory of Civil War Photographers, Volume Three: Western States and Territories by Ross J. Kelbaugh (Baltimore, MD: Historic Graphics, 1992). Soft cover, spiral bound. ISBN 0-914931-04-0. $17.95

    Volume Three documents over 1200 photographers working during the Civil War west of the Mississippi. Political divisions covered include California, Colorado Territory, Idaho Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana Territory, Nebraska Territory, Nevada Territory, New Mexico Territory, and Oregon.

    General Index, Volumes One-Three, Directory of Civil War Photographers by Ross J. Kelbaugh (Baltimore, MD: Historic Graphics, 1992). Soft cover, spiral bound. ISBN 0-914931-05-9.Currently Out of Print

    This volume contains a general index for all 3000+ photographers listed in the first three volumes of our Directory of Civil War Photographers. All names have been listed alphabetically with the state/territory in which their DCWP entry is found. This enables you to quickly find entries for photographers, establish the location of operation for many who signed their work with only their names, and to begin the analysis of movement of operators around the country.

    Directory Cover

    The Directory of Maryland Photographers, 1839-1900 is the first publication to document over 760 men and women who worked professionally in photography and related fields in Maryland in the 19th century. Compiled by Ross J. Kelbaugh, noted photographic historian and collector, it gives addresses and, most importantly, the period of occupancy for business locations. Resources used for research include city and state directories, newspapers, census records, and other publications making this classic the most comprehensive reference for information on Maryland photographers available. Text entries also contain personal and business information as well as expanded biographies for twelve of the most prominent photographers. Portraits of some of the photographers and their studios are also included.
    Hard cover, 112 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0-914931-00-8 $24.95

    Picture Viewers Carte de Visite by R. Knecht, Easton, PA; ca. 1863

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