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My landmark book Maryland's Civil War Photographs: The Sesquicentennial Collection
soft bound edition is now out of print!

Selections from Maryland's Civil War Photographs:
The Sesquicentennial Collection
Published by the Maryland Historical Society

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Updated: May 2021; Please scroll down

What's New: Hi Folks! Here is a 2021 update. The soft cover edition of my landmark book Maryland's Civil War Photographs: The Sesquicentennial Collection is now out of print! The soft cover edition may be purchased from resellers on Just a few of the Deluxe Hard Cover signed and numbered editions limited to only 250 copies are still available for the very special price of only $40.00 (originally $120) exclusively from the Maryland Historical Society here. You can watch my illustrated lecture (divided into 5 segments) about the book and Maryland's Civil War photographs at the Maryland Center for History and Culture (formerly known as The Maryland Historical Society) and see one of segments I did on "Chesapeake Collectibles" on a Civil War photograph on YouTube at

I worked as photographic consultant for a major Civil War exhibit at the Maryland Historical Society that opened in April 2011. Special to the exhibit is a 3-D show I have produced on The Battle of Antietam which gives you a three-dimensional perspective on this 1862 event as seen on a 72 in. screen!

Ross Kelbaugh will be appearing at the following:

  • Starting January 2021: The tenth season of "Chesapeake Collectibles" along with segments from earlier seasons are still airing on Maryland Public Television every Monday night from 7:30-8:00 p.m. and is repeated on Saturday night on MPT2 from 7:30-8:00 p.m. Ross Kelbaugh was one of the appraisers on this local version of the Antiques Road Show. Due to the pandemic, no new season has yet been taped. For information about future appraisals visit Shows from the previous seasons can be viewed online at:
  • Saturday & Sunday, March 19 & 20, 2022: Due to the pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 shows were cancelled. We are now in the planning stages for the 2022 Baltimore Show. I will have a table (R-16) at the annual Maryland Arms Collectors Show at the Timonium Fairgrounds where we will be selling and buying fine military photographs in addition to other militaria. Check our website for more information visit

    Our book Introduction to African American Photographs, 1840-1950 is still available and and can be purchased on Our new three-part series Black Live in Focus and Catographics: Vintage Cat Photographs 1845-1920 are now available as well. We are continuing to place our collections online which you can access here.

    Welcome to the website of Historic Graphics®: a multi-faceted company dedicated to the rich visual legacy of our past. We would like to introduce you to some of the image services we provide, as well as share with you images that capture the richness of America's visual heritage. We hope you enjoy your tour through our site.

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    On occasion, Historic Graphics® offers vintage images for sale from its collection. We are also interested in purchasing photographs of famous people, historic events, and images that capture aspects of everyday life. Please contact us for further information.

    Directory of Baltimore Daguerreans

    Whitehurst Daguerreotype

    Sixth plate Daguerreotype from J.H. Whitehurst Gallery

    For many years, Historic Graphics® has been researching the history of photography in 19th century Maryland that we have shared with the public in numerous publications. As a service to our visitors, we now offer a complete directory of those individuals that practiced the daguerreotype in Baltimore. This alphabetical listing includes biographical information, locations of operations, and, most importantly, the dates for business activity at these studio locations. In addition, we have included descriptions of methods used to sign images with the names of daguerreans to help you futher interpret the Baltimore daguerreotypes you might find. Our directory can be accessed by clicking below:

Historic Graphics® Museum

Over the years, Historic Graphics® has gathered together a large collection of vintage photographs that span the Victorian Era from the early daguerreotype to the end of the First World War. On a rotating basis, we share some of these images with you so you too can experience the visual legacy of our ancestors.

Sleeping Cat Daguerreotype Catographics

The first of our exhibits titled Catographics and presents early photographic portraits of people and their cats (or sometimes of just their cherished pet alone). We hope you enjoy this celebration of the bond between our ancestors and their special friends.

Housekeeper A Woman's Work

The second of our exhibitions is titled A Woman's Work and features a collection of unique 19th century photographic portraits of women in which the subjects use clothing and/or props to interpret their occupations and domestic roles. Were the "good old days" really so good?
The A Child's Labor

The third of our exhibitions is titled A Child's Labor and features a collection of unique 19th and early 20th century photographic portraits of children in which the subjects were recorded in a manner that interpreted their occupations. Remember that these portraits were made to celebrate the subjects' place in the workforce.

Telescope Picture We'll be watching for your return!

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